Phonak Audeo M50

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The Phonak Marvel is the latest technology from Phonak, and ensures direct streaming with any phone. It is a very good hearing aid if you are looking for very clear sound clarity in most listening situations.The hearing aid is ideal for someone with an active lifestyle, but that are exposed to less challenging listening environments, and finds themselves mostly in environments where mild to moderate background noise is present. It provides semi-automatic hearing aid features, and will be able to adjust according to the listening situations, but in a lesser way when loud background noise is present. This hearing aid may require some changes in terms of programs as your listening environment changes, especially in noise. You can apply these changes on the hearing aid manually by pressing a button or with an application on your phone.

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Choosing the right hearing aid for you:

When deciding which hearing aid would be suitable for you, it is important to take the following factors into account:

  1. Hearing aid style (according to degree of hearing loss and configuration of hearing loss).
  2. Your lifestyle needs (in which listening situations do you find yourself, and how sophisticated the hearing aids should be in order to function properly in these situations).
  3. Financial implication.


We are independent from all suppliers, and provide only hearing aids from the highest quality. We provide the following brands: Phonak, Siemens/Sivantos, Oticon, Unitron, Widex, Starkey and Hansaton hearing aids.

Technology level (Price range):

Your lifestyle needs and listening situations you are exposed to, will determine which hearing aid technology level will be able adequately assist you in those listening situations. Hearing Aids are categorized in different technology levels, from Premium to Basic class. The technology levels are classified by the difficulty of listening situations the hearing aids will be able to process and assist you with. Click here to see which technology level you need.


There are several hearing aid styles to suit your needs, ranging from In-the-ear, Receiver-in-the-ear, Behind-the-ear hearing aids. Your audiologist will advise on the suitable option for you.