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Latest info related to Covid-19.
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Dear Valued Customer, During this worrying time when the Corona (Covid-19) virus is making world headlines, we would like to reassure you that your safety and the safety of this practice’s employees is always our priority.We are actively monitoring the COVID-19/ Corona virus situation and we are taking the following steps to ensure your safety when visiting our practice:

1. We have increased the frequency of cleanings so that we are disinfecting surfaces throughout the day. We do this in an attempt to keep our offices germ-free.

2. Where we would normally greet you with a handshake, this method of greeting will not be used at present, seeing that this is one of the ways the virus is easily transmitted.

3. As we interact with customers and the general public, we are in continuous communication about the importance of good hygiene, and the regular washing of hands. Hands are washed more frequently with hand wash soap or disinfectant, before and after consultation.

4. Hand sanitizer has also been made available to you throughout the practice for your convenience.

Although this is an unsure time where fear can easily tread and take over all rational thinking, we also believe that by implementing these preventative measures, and keeping up to date with the latest news, the fear can dissipate and allow peace to make way. Together we are ensuring a cleaner, happier and healthier environment.

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